Ruturaj Gujar BE (2016-20)

I am honored that I got this opportunity to write about these great professors. Raut Sir n Nilesh Sir are one of the best teachers I have ever had. Raut Sir is one of those few teachers with whom we can talk very freely n ask him our doubts anytime. He us always there to clear our doubts. He gives very useful advice which helps us in the long run. He will actually help you plan your full study schedule. And if you follow it, you will undoubtedly get the result you want to achieve.
Nilesh Sir is the best science teacher. His way of teaching is very unique. He makes sure everyone understands the topic well n gets the concepts clear. You will never have any doubts in his lecture because he just teaches so well. Also his sense of humor is fantastic. He goes to the root of every concept so that we can answer any question based on it no matter how tricky it is. I feel very lucky that I got to learn from these two great teachers. I guarantee these two teachers will leave no stone unturned to get the best out of you. Thank you Sir for giving me this opportunity to write this testimonial about you’ll.