Specialized in coaching for Std. XI and XII (Science-HSC/CBSC/ISC) and post Std. XII Entrance exams (like NEET-UG/JEE/MHT-CET/NATA etc.) for various professional courses in the field of science & technology.
Private Tutorials

The Mentors

The future of  is shouldered by the zeal and enthusiasm coupled with tireless efforts in the assigned areas of work by a team of diversely talented but mutually motivated professionals with more than 20 years of actual class-room coaching experience.


Nilesh Vedant

Avinash Tripathi

Avinash Tripathi

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Prasanna Raut

Hardik Shah

Hardik Shah


Kaushik Patil
Administration & BD

Our Story

With a combined experience of more than 20 years of actual teaching and counseling, we have clearly understood the exact academic and emotional needs of thousands of students, their parents and young minds aspiring to take the field of science & technology as vocation.

Our Mission

To act as an architect that would prepare the student with a strong foundation, provide a pragmatic approach towards the learning process & to develop undiluted attention towards their ultimate academic goal.

What is futureScience Private Tutorials?

Inclusive model of delivering knowledge where the focus is not just being a dictatorial task master but developing strength of the student and increasing the capacity to shoulder one's own responsibility.
We are a confluence of like minded tutors who believe that the student is not a machine to create results but someone who will slowly learn and develop confidence.
The basic philosophy of futureScience Private Tutorials is to provide a stress free environment for seamless learning of all sciences. The underlying theme is to make students prepare for a career in science that's not just limited to popular conventional streams that occupy the minds of students and parents.

cercle of excellence

The tutor is not just the giver of knowledge but a facilitator in all academic tasks.
We believe that traditional methods could not always work for all students alike and each one is exclusive in learning and applying knowledge.
We want to bridge the gap between the pupil as a learner and the tutor as a guide so that the two work for the mutual goal of advancing the students learning ability.

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