Dr. Omkar Shrikant Deshmukh

In order to succeed at anything in life, I have learned that, it is sincerity that matters the most. One does not need to be brilliant or a genius to achieve great things. Nilesh Vedant sir is the most sincere teacher i have ever met. If it wasn’t for him, i would have been illusioned into believing that chemistry is just the “syllabus” expected of us. He taught the basic concepts of chemistry, which later helped me understand Bio-chemistry in 1st yr MBBS. The way he goes about teaching chemistry, he pushes the capabilities of students much beyond what is needed to crack the NEET, and makes them understand How a subject is to be studied and understood. I have deep respect and regard for him, who has helped me realize my dream of becoming a doctor. Wishing all of the faculty the very best. Regards.