Indraneel Deshmukh MBBS (2017-22)

I being from state board struggled with physics a lot in 11th grade….state CET physics was proving as a major challenge for me….then in 12th grade a sudden decision to conduct an all india entrance exam (NEET) for medicine admission changed everything….it was two years syllabus from cbse books….it was an uphill task and frankly speaking I was a little scared….then I was introduced to raut sir to cover up my 11th syllabus from NEET point of view…..this decision changed my perspective as well as my approach towards my preparation…..Raut sirs simple teaching method ….the ability to break down a super-complex problem involving multiple chapters into simple concepts and presenting it to the students was remarkable as well as innovative….unlike other professors he focuses on strengthening your basics….once the foundation is strong…you can apply it to anything and crack any question….at the same time apart from being an academic guide he used to counsel us regularly to keep our spirits high and keep up the motivation….his advice proved useful not only in physics…but also improved my scores in biology and chemistry….In the last few months he gave us crucial advice to tackle the nerves during such a big exam….all of the little things he taught me proved extremely useful and because of that here I’m today in of the best medical colleges in the country….dream achieved…..I will forever be grateful to his contributions…thank you sir!