Manasi Rane BSc statistics (2015-18)

“Avinash Sir”, how much ever I express is too less to describe his personality!!
The way he teaches is really unique. He always makes sure that every student understands the concepts. He really works very hard, solves ample of sums and always ready to solve the doubts, he NEVER says “we will solve this LATER”, he always says “we’ll do it NOW itself”.
He is very helpful and caring. In 12th standard, he told me that if I am interested in solving more sums from reference books , that I can visit his place , I need not buy reference books as he has many books. I really felt very very nice☺ How can any teacher be sooo kind and generous!!! ?And I like when he calls me “beta” ? For me he is more than just a favourite teacher. It is because of him I loved difficult topics like calculus. And the best part, there always a big smile on his face which makes me smile?
I really respect you? and I salute you for the efforts you take .
I was lucky to have you as a teacher.