Shreyas Patil B.Tech (2014-18)

I had studied Physics under Raut Sir whilst preparing for my XII and JEE Mains. His lectures were very well planned and very easy to understand. To keep the students interested he’d explain the concept with interesting real-life applications which in turn made learning very easy. Also, if the topic seems to be boring for both the parties, jokes can be expected to drop in. His board work is quite great. He’d sometimes goes the extra mile to perform small experiments in class too. I still remember we had tried to observe diffraction using the LASER pointer pen. Always open to all kind of doubts(related to physics, of course). One might say that he’s a “Cool Professor” kind of guy.

Nilesh sir was my Chemistry teacher when I was studying for my XII and JEE Mains. You can expect a lot of homework from Nilesh sir, but that’s only going to do good for you. I was weak in Chemistry but turns out these huge homework actually worked. His lectures were always well planned. As soon as he entered the class, there would be pin-drop silence. He might be a little strict but I don’t think there exists any doubt that he cannot answer.